The Next Level Coaching Academy is an exciting new leadership development opportunity for coaches with the ambition to make coaching their career and for those coaches aspiring to be a head coach. It provides a unique experience that is affordable, innovative and produces long-range value for every participating coach!

What Is Unique?

Getting tired of the same old seminar or conference format with guest speakers, break-out sessions and a temporary book store of the latest and greatest avenues to success?


Next Level assures high touch, interactive learning methods that produce immediate growth and development.

Simulations, case studies, and personalized case application ensure a unique and invigorating experience. They also produce an exciting applied experience that enables coaches to personalize their learning to their own coaching paths. The tremendous flexibility of the program provides opportunities for coaches to build their athletic programs within the framework of the program.


Next Level integrates unique, applied learning methods that ensure ongoing development and long term leadership growth well past the term of the program.

The online development lab provides access to resources that enable participants to broadly develop their leadership capacity well beyond the online and  onsite experiences.

Who Should Consider This Opportunity?

The Next Level Coaching Academy would be a great fit for:

  • Less experienced head coaches new in their current role
  • Aspiring assistant and associate coaches that want to be ready to assume the responsibilities of a head coaching position when the opportunity presents itself
  • Assistant/associate coaches that desire to grow and develop in their current roles by more deeply understanding their responsibilities within a larger context of an entire coaching staff
  • Assistant, associate and head coaches that wish to expand their network of ideas and support across a diverse spectrum of institutions, regions, sports and leaders

NLCA Objectives

  • Provide highly ambitious coaches with an opportunity to develop and grow their leadership capacity, professional capabilities, networks (relationships), and sense of self to enable performance excellence and career/life satisfaction.
  • Introduce dynamic frameworks that can be applied within a coach’s program that enable leaders and a leadership culture to ensure greater performance excellence (of both individuals within the program and the program overall).
  • Facilitate the formation of a supportive coaching network that establishes a strong foundation for collaboration, support, mobility and leadership development.

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